Christian web design

I am a Christian and have developed web sites for churches and individuals who want to present the best they have to offer for Christ with an understanding of what that means. If you are a church or have a message you want to present in your business or personal web site then we should talk! Check out this Key West Church website that I designed for my church Covenant Word Church.

Their child care centerLighthouse Christian Academy is another way I have been blessed to be able to contribute through. I also help run Covenant Web Services to provide web support to ministries.  I will not provide service for  businesses I see as immoral or unethical, but I do not only work with churches so if you could use any of my services get in touch and we’ll talk.

Key West web sites

Key West is a special place with a special flavor that is unlike anywhere else in the world. I have lived here exclusively since 1993 and understand that uniqueness. Together, we can bring that out in your web site as well. Let’s show the world what Key West is really all about! For an example, see this site I created for the Key West fishing boat Ultra Grand Slam you could charter for a great time if you visit us.

My Blog

Read a little about my thinking, some of my work and a few really great programs at my blog on this site.

Why choose me?

I am here to do what you need for your business or personal needs. I offer professional web design or redesign for your web site, custom programming in various computer languages and applications, training so you can use your computer to its fullest, or even data entry/desktop publishing and all at affordable rates!

A business today that does not have a web site is severely handicapped in most cases. A business with a poorly designed web site is even more so. Let me help you understand your options on the internet and provide that little “something extra” to put you over the top!

A lot of people can make a web page but only a few of us can make an advertising tool that will bring you business and present you in the best light possible to your customers.

Where do we start and whom can you trust?


See what Pastor Mike Black of Mike Black Ministries and his family are doing in Guatemala!

If you are ever looking for the best Key West fishing then check out my friend Captain Craig on the Ultra Grand Slam. Experience and skill – can’t beat it!

Thanks to my Pastors, Apostle Kevin Kerr and his wife Pastor Dianne Kerr, for being an example of a Godly couple and being there for me when I need encouragement, training, correction, and love.