About Honesty

Always Honest Policy?

My policy is to always be honest with you as a potential or active client. I will never tell you something simply because it is to my benefit or for any other motive than to make you a success. Your success ensures my success so there is no need for any kind of deception. If you ask something I do not know then I will research it, not make up an answer. I believe that in this life the only way to get something is to give it. I want your respect so that is what I give to you.

The only mutually beneficial relationship we can have together is one of partners. You need my web design skills to reach those customers on the Internet you may never hear from otherwise. You do not need someone to cheat you or lead you on just to get your hard earned money. I truly do not want your money unless your company benefits from it. That would be dishonest and I’m not about that.

If you can spend a little on Internet advertising and it brings in client contacts or live customers or email sales then that’s good for us both. If you just give me money and receive nothing productive in exchange then I am a thief, you do not benefit and we both lose. I will not be a part of that.