App Names to Frustrate

Some things that bug me.

10. The current trend in app names.

Have you noticed the names of apps lately? Back in the day, we had apps like WordStar, PageMaker, Photoshop, and the likes. Now it seems the popular thing to do is to name your app a single word that is a common word and nothing that stands out.

On my iPad I have apps like: drafts, editorial, mail, clear, sunrise, numerical, write, Pages, and the list goes on. What’s wrong with these you may ask. My answer is to offer you the task of looking for review articles or instructions or examples for these tools that are named like columns in newspapers (editorial) or first revision papers handed in by writing students (drafts).

To this very day I can easily find documents about WordStar and VisiCalc, but to find workflow examples for the editorial app is not nearly as easy.

To the developers I say, “let’s not take the easy way out and instead invent creative names for our products.”

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