Being a Homeowners Association Treasurer and Evernote


I have been the Treasurer of our Homeowners Association for almost a year now.  During  that time I’ve received dues, paid bills, handled some legal issues, renewed registration with the State, prepared budget reports for the other board members, etc.

I would have a terrible job were it not for Evernote.  Here are the ways I use Evernote to keep on top of things:

**1. Scan dues checks before going to the bank.**  I have the image of every check given to me and the deposit bundle in which it was deposited. Before “getting my act together” and remembering the importance of recording check numbers I scanned the checks so when I realized my oversight I could just go back and look in Evernote.

**2. Pay bills.**  Every invoice has been scanned so if you want to know how much the sewer treatment plant repairs cost last June then all I have to do is go to Evernote and I can tell you that.

**3. Record documents.** Not only can I tell you the cost of the sewer repairs, I can also go to the document I scanned into Evernote from the repair company that details everything they did, why they did it, and even has photos of how gunked up it was before and after it was fixed.

**4. Legal issues.**  I never want to deal with anyone based on my poor memory – especially a lawyer.  Everything in Evernote and I can remember it in minuscule details.

**5. License Renewals.**  Our association has to be registered with the state for legal purposes.  Last year when I did the renewal I scanned the documents.  This year I just filled in the blanks from the previous one and it was a piece of cake.

**6. Budget Reports.**  I have to admit that because of our accountants we have to use QuickBooks to do our finances but when I took over the position I scanned in the “Massive Book of Information” from the previous officer.  Now to present our performance against last year’s budget is easy – it’s in Evernote!

There are other things stored in my Evernote for the association.  Meeting minutes, letters to people reminding them to pay, summaries of meetings of community planning meetings regarding the county putting bike paths in unsafe locations, information to the banks about each of the officers who can write checks, letters from the IRS about an accounting mistake, all our insurance information, proposals, etc.

The best thing is that it is accessible from anywhere!  I can look up information on a Windows PC at work, my iMac at home, my Android phone or iPod Touch music player, or even the Internet via web browser from anywhere else.

In short, Evernote has made it possible to store a 2-foot stack of information securely, conveniently and permanently.  With it we can have everything in one place and share it with others who need access.  Never again can I be put in a position to have to justify something based on my memory!