App Names to Frustrate

Some things that bug me.

10. The current trend in app names.

Have you noticed the names of apps lately? Back in the day, we had apps like WordStar, PageMaker, Photoshop, and the likes. Now it seems the popular thing to do is to name your app a single word that is a common word and nothing that stands out.

On my iPad I have apps like: drafts, editorial, mail, clear, sunrise, numerical, write, Pages, and the list goes on. What’s wrong with these you may ask. My answer is to offer you the task of looking for review articles or instructions or examples for these tools that are named like columns in newspapers (editorial) or first revision papers handed in by writing students (drafts).

To this very day I can easily find documents about WordStar and VisiCalc, but to find workflow examples for the editorial app is not nearly as easy.

To the developers I say, “let’s not take the easy way out and instead invent creative names for our products.”

Upgrade to OS X Mavericks and speed

When I upgraded to Mavericks last night my computer was like it was running through molasses.  Long story short I figured the biggest part of the slowdown was Spotlight trying to index my Terabytes of data.  Here is a document I created a while back that I used to get control back and I’m posting it here in case it helps anyone else.

In my case I ran it to stop Spotlight, unmounted all the backup drives, and I’m bringing one set of backup drives back online as Spotlight gets each previous drive sorted.  I’m leaving one set offline so I don’t overwrite my last good copy of Mountain Lion before I mean to.

Turn on:off Spotlight Indexing

Keyboard Maestro and MultiMarkdown

An easier way to compose markdown emails.

I just started my 30 day trial of Keyboard Maestro. I am 3 days into it and am ready to buy it. It is a remarkable tool for anyone who wants to tinker with that kind of thing.

I often find myself making quick little MultiMarkdown texts for use as emails or quick Evernote documentation. Until now I was just grinding out the text the hard way – create a temporary file, edit it in TextEdit, save it, drag it to Marked (another excellent tool by Brett Terpstra), and then type my usually short message.

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RSI – CTS – My experiences and a solution that worked for me.


I have been typing since 1976. My mother was trained to be a secretary and learned to type on a keyboard without letters drawn on the keycaps. “Old school” trainers knew if you learned to type by looking at the keys you would never become as good as you could be. She made me learn on an old Royal manual typewriter without looking and with proper typing technique as well.

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Photographic tip – glare

wpid-wpid-DSC_0379.jpg@66.7RGB_8-2011-02-23-20-41-2011-02-23-20-41.jpgI love photography even though I’m a rank amateur at it. I enjoy everything about it… composing the shot, learning the equipment, seeing how different things affect the shot, and post production.

It’s easy to get in a hurry and take a photo that’s somewhat less than great but guess what? Sometimes you don’t need an expensive polarizing filter to save an otherwise awful picture. Take this one for example:

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Thanks a lot.

I didn’t write this. It was an email a friend sent me that sends me these kinds of emails… kinda ironic.

Subject: Cheer
As we end the year 2010, I want to thank all of you for your educational e-mails over the past year. I am totally screwed up now and have little chance of recovery.

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Review: LastPass – The Last Password You’ll Have To Remember

Originally posted Oct 17, 2010 Ok, so last time I talked about security and how tough it is to pull off that level of safety. Well one tool that has done more than all the rest of them together for me is LastPass. I could write an entire book on LastPass but I’ll spare you all from that. 🙂

What Is It?

LastPass, oversimplified, is a multi-faceted program that lets you keep all of your passwords in an extremely safe manner. In the simplest terms it is a password vault type utility but it is much more than that! To use LastPass you install it (more later) and then any time you need a password you just log into LastPass with one password and it either provides the password to you or it securely inserts it into the website you are accessing.

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Review: MacJournal

Originally posted July 24, 2010 You can hear the audio file of this review at this link. This is a review I did of MacJournal for the Nosillacast Podcast hosted over at – A Technology Geek Podcast with an EVER so slight Macintosh Bias! I am posting here because it is a new way of thinking for me… I am an old-school computer geek but the people in the Mac community are changing my perspectives. I’ve done magazine reviews in the 80’s but this will be recorded as an audio review for a podcast show. How far have we come since I first laid hands on a computer in ’78!

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Security? I Give Up!

Originally posted Oct 16,2010 We all know about the people who have energy, creativity, talent, and a spark of brilliance but yet they use all that to try to grab our passwords and get into our bank accounts or sell our information for cash. When I was growing up the term “Hacker” meant:

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