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Q: Why do I need a web site?
   The truth is that customers today do not have much respect for a company without a web page. Any time a customer needs or wants information about your company, services, prices or location they will want to go to your web site to find that out. Given a choice between a company with a web site and one without one, many customers will not want to deal with the unknown. There is something special about seeing the owner before stepping in the door, knowing what kind of prices they have before you waste your time there and having to-the-door driving instructions so you don't get lost.

Q: What is a Domain Name?
     A domain name is the identifier of areas of the internet. You may know them as "the WWW's". is a domain name used by the Cable News Network for example.

Q: What is Web Hosting?
      Web sites must be placed on computers that can be accessed by the customer. These computers sometimes have extra features devoted to web page management and securing your web site from hackers and the like. When a company that has such a computer system rents space to you to put your web pages on it is called hosting. Without a place for your web site to be available to the public you may as well not have one.

Q: Why are search engines so important?
    With traditional businesses there are television and newspaper ads as well as the Yellow Pages that people can use to find your business. Additionally there could be magazine ads, billboards and any number of other ways to get your name out there. With web pages you can still do these things but the first place a customer will go is to web search engines. Most search engines are free to list with and are even better than the Yellow Pages because they give you global exposure to clients you may never have dreamed of before.

Q: What kind of training can you provide
     I am a professional computer programmer. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and have done everything from writing programs to maintaining databases to graphics design for web sites. I also have done training for various companies where I worked so training is not a stranger to me. I can show you the basics about your computer, evaluate your needs to recommend a good one for you to buy or even write a custom program to solve some need you may have.