How to sort the keepers from the rest of a photo shoot on a Mac.

A great Nosilla Castaway (follower of “the Nosillacast podcast hosted over at, a technology geek podcast with an *ever* so slight Macintosh bias™”), George from Tulsa, posted his method of selecting only the best photos from a shoot. He explained:

Step by Step to “Bart” Your Photos
If you don’t know, the phrase “Bart Your Photos” pays homage to Allison’s friend, and indeed friend to the Mac community, Bart Busschots, who long ago taught us to only keep the best pics of the many a digital camera can collect.

This prompted me to post this “yet another way to do the same thing”. I love Mac because the limits placed on me seem to be only the ones of my imagination, inexperience, or laziness. There are so many fantastic ways to do things!

Thanks to Blue Mango Learning Systems for this great documentation tool, Clarify!

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