Keyboard Maestro and MultiMarkdown

An easier way to compose markdown emails.

I just started my 30 day trial of Keyboard Maestro. I am 3 days into it and am ready to buy it. It is a remarkable tool for anyone who wants to tinker with that kind of thing.

I often find myself making quick little MultiMarkdown texts for use as emails or quick Evernote documentation. Until now I was just grinding out the text the hard way – create a temporary file, edit it in TextEdit, save it, drag it to Marked (another excellent tool by Brett Terpstra), and then type my usually short message.

Since I have Keyboard Maestro I decided to make a recipe for doing this much easier. Now I click the KM icon in my menubar, select Compose MMD and KM will create a new blank file for me to use, open it in TextEdit and open it in Marked. All I have to do is start typing!  When I am finished I can just copy and paste my ready-to-go finished product, or the raw HTML, from Marked and paste it where I like.  Now maybe I can remember what it was I was going to say since I won’t forget it doing all that clicking and opening now!

A brief explanation: The first action will create the blank file by sending “nothing” to the file – be careful because it will delete anything currently in that file!  This should only be used for temporary files!  The second action will open that new file in TextEdit and the third action will open Marked with that same file.  I hope it helps!

By the way, this post was made in MMD using the recipe below and another one I found for adding a MMD link based on the website currently displayed by Safari for all the links below.  It took a fraction of the time!