Opening the Right Application With Keyboard Maestro

I try a lot of new programs. I often fall prey to habits and go back to the program I’ve been using instead of giving the new one a chance.  Keyboard Maestro helps me get the right one.

One of the most recent programs that falls into this category is Sparrow. It’s a mail program that has benefits over Apple’s Mail.App program. Of course, my fingers type “mail” into Alfred when I want to see my email.

I read an article by Ryan Irelan his blog titled Block Apps on OS X with Keyboard Maestro that inspired me to make my own Keyboard Maestro rule, a great tool from Stairways Software by the way, to go one step further and open the right program.

Below you will see my rule. If I open the Mail.App program, Keyboard Maestro reminds me to use Sparrow in an alert box and then shuts down Mail and opens Sparrow. This may be a problem if another program opens Mail.App to automatically send an email to support, for instance, but I’ll deal with that when it happens. It should always use the default email program so as long as I have that set we should be good to go.

You can certainly customize this rule to work with any program you want to run but keep forgetting to open the right one.  I hope it helps someone.

Keyboard Maestro settings to open the correct mail program