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Here are some things you can do by partnering with me. You can:

  • Take advantage of an advertising avenue that is entirely new to some of you and is guaranteed to increase your visibility to your customer and to bring you more business.

  • Compete and be seen as a business to be reckoned with in the fast paced world of the Internet and web pages. You won't be considered a second-rate company because you don't have the visibility and customer relations your client is coming to expect from businesses like yours. Read this true story to see what I mean.

  • Choose any of the various ways of promoting your business on the Internet with the guidance you won't get from an advertising web site who just keep lists of links to businesses like yours, an electronic "Yellow Pages" if you will, and does nothing else but collect your money, wait and hope for people to visit you.

  • Have a perfect fit for your business needs. We will together examine all the options and find the best solutions for your business. I will not offer you a cookie-cutter package. One size does not fit all and yours will be a custom fit or I won't suggest it.

  • Understand the facts about the Internet, your computers and your new web site! I will help sort out the jargon so you won't have to have a computing degree just to understand what's going on!

  • Get customized training to use the computer you have. Personalized training sessions are always focused to meet your specific needs. Instruction is not limited to web pages. I have over 20 years experience of owning computers and a Bachelor's degree in programming them and have trained people for most of that time personally and professionally.

  • Commission custom programming to help with other non-web related business tasks.

  • Draw from my experiences. To find out more about my qualifications check out my resumé page.

Any or all of this is available to you after free consultation! Let's sit down and talk about what you need, want and expect and I'll tell you what it will take to make it happen and if I am the right one to help you get there. If it takes multiple visits to make you comfortable with my solution or to clarify what exactly you and I expect from the relationship then it is all without charge or obligation. My “always honest” policy will give you straight answers, unlike some other companies that are just looking to take your money, stick you on a list and forget about you. I operate by working with my clients on an ongoing basis because business is not static, situations and your needs do change and I want to help make it happen.

I hope you will utilize my experience and knowledge to help you excel in what you do. It is my desire to save you time, money and stress by providing you with the best support possible. My years of experience and training in the computing field allows me to examine your needs and provide you with a list of the best options for you to choose from. It will always be your decision, but with me, I will make sure it will be an informed decision.