Domain Registration

Customers respect professionalism. Nothing adds to your image as inexpensively and easily as your own domain name. Look at nearly any television commercial lately and you will see company’s domain names such as or I can hook you up with a name that you can use for your web site that helps establish your company identity and branding. An additional benefit of this is that it is easier for you to say, and for your customers to remember, to go to than


The computer files that make up your web site needs a place to live. They have to reside on a computer server somewhere that is hooked up to the internet on a 24×7 basis and that costs money. I can set you up with a service that will provide computer space for the most competitive prices around. Other local services cost nearly twice as much per month as my partners charge and I will pass those savings along to you.

Internet access

If you happen to be paying $19.99 per month or more just to hook up to the internet it is possible to cut that bill in half! Ask me for more details.