Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization – Helping People Find Your Site

People need to be able to find your web site to do business with you. I have had great success submitting sites to the most popular search engines and can put your name where it will be seen also!

There is an informal science that has developed surrounding successful search engine submission and only one who has spent hours learning the details of each specific engine can hope to consistently get high ratings for the clients.

Imagine the person sitting at home that needs your product or service. This person will either look for your web site to find out more info about you because they saw your ad in another medium, or they will go to a search engine and put in the terms they want to find and hit “Go”. Wouldn’t you rather be one of the top names they see when this happens? Of course you would and I can help.

Many search systems are charging for businesses to list on them. My experience can help you decide which to pay for, which you may not have to pay for and which are not worth the money.