True Story

True Story

You may ask yourself, “Why do I need a website?” One of my clients tells me the story of how their website helped. One day a customer was calling businesses in town to find the right one for her. She called a competitor and asked if they had a web page. They said “Web page? No!” and the customer said “Well [my client] has one.” and the competitor said “Then maybe you should go to them.” That’s exactly what the lady did and my client had one more customer that they may not have had without the website.

Many companies think that a web page is the end result, meaning that you get a web page to have a web page. These people ask “Why do I need a website?” without even wanting an answer. They just want to justify the cost and for that purpose the cost, however reasonable, cannot be justified.

Those who understand business and the internet realize that the websites are not worth anything by themselves… they must provide information a customer is seeking. Just like the lady in the story above, a website can give the customer advanced information which helps them find out the things that are important to them which builds customer trust and loyalty. It also helps you by filtering out the people who are looking for something that you don’t provide so you don’t have to allocate valuable time and other resources to a “bad lead”.

Websites are a great means of advertising goods or services. They are a convenient link to your customers and provide the “warm fuzzy” that customers expect today. They are also a good way to convey information to the customers, shareholders and others interested in the business. If a web page does none of this then it is wasting your money.

I hope that you will let me help you make these things happen for your business so that you can operate to your fullest in this world of Internet, the Web and Email.