Upgrade to OS X Mavericks and speed

When I upgraded to Mavericks last night my computer was like it was running through molasses.  Long story short I figured the biggest part of the slowdown was Spotlight trying to index my Terabytes of data.  Here is a document I created a while back that I used to get control back and I’m posting it here in case it helps anyone else.

In my case I ran it to stop Spotlight, unmounted all the backup drives, and I’m bringing one set of backup drives back online as Spotlight gets each previous drive sorted.  I’m leaving one set offline so I don’t overwrite my last good copy of Mountain Lion before I mean to.

Turn on:off Spotlight Indexing

2 thoughts on “Upgrade to OS X Mavericks and speed

  1. Is there a way to stop it from running away like this (using 1.6GB) and yet still let it index, perhaps more politely? It seems harsh to give up spotlight (who doesn’t search their disk???) just because it’s misbehaving.

    And by the way, do I recognize a Bluemango Learning document there?

  2. To be clear, I’m not giving up Spotlight. I’m just turning off spotlight and my external drives for now. This is for 2 reasons – one is I con’t want SuperDuper to overwrite my last good Mountain Lion backup with my new Mavericks one – just in case – and the other is that indexing my backup drives is not important now. I want to give the “main” system time to update/upgrade/index/settle down before turning spotlight loose on my system. It could be argued I don’t need to index my backups ever but sometimes I delete something and then look for it and it finds it on my backup copy. After the first day or two of Mavericks I will turn it back on at night for as long as it takes to get caught back up and then leave it on.

    And yes, it is. I use Clarify by Bluemango Learning for any “show me how” documents I make.

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